Thursday, 20. December 2012

Welcome to The Center of Dance! Join us anytime!

All classes are held today as scheduled.


Beginning January 2016 we will hold classes at Northside Presbyterian Church, 1017 Progress Street in Blacksburg.

   The Winter/Spring 2016 schedule is January 19 – May 9. See classes and fees schedules plus registration form.

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Fees Schedule_Winter-Spring 2016

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We are proud to announce that Give Take Be, the acclaimed book by dancer, educator, writer, survivor…Carol Crawford Smith is complete!

“Sometimes you embrace a book…and sometimes a book embraces you. Give Take Be takes us on a warm and personal voyage of the very talented Carol Crawford Smith from being a young professional dancer with the Dance Theatre of Harlem to overcoming the unexpected fears of MS.  Carol’s courage and talent, her faith and beliefs carry her through.  She won a home makeover and the hearts of all in her community.  She no longer physically dances but her heart waltzes to a beautiful tune of always…always…always summer.”

Nikki Giovanni, Poet

Give Take Be is written, published and made available to the world! This is EXACTLY why:


“Your book, your message, or your story can help other people change their lives. There’s no better feeling in the world than knowing you helped someone else by sharing your experience.” -Reid Tracy, CEO, Hay House


You, me, we ALL have been blessed with a story, past, present and unfolding that can inspire and change lives. I reveal my story in Give Take Be for that very reason. -Carol Crawford Smith, Author


I have posted reviews. I have posted pictures. Now I post this masterpiece of a video made possible by my Public Relations Consultant Melvin Seymore and my Media Specialist Micheal Bolger. Have you asked yourself “What does Give Take Be mean to me?”

Please share with family and friends. Thank you for your support!

Mission: The Center of Dance exists to enhance development of the human experience through dance and related activities where movement, poise, balance, strength, grace, and exemplary behavior combined are the outcome of participating in our brand of Excellence Through the Arts®.

The Center of Dance is located in Blacksburg, Virginia in the New River Valley of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The professional dance studio was established August 1994. The Founder and Artistic Director is Carol Crawford Smith, a former dance artist and soloist of ten years with the internationally renowned Dance Theatre of Harlem (1978-1988). As a professional performer, instructor, and educator of dance for over three decades, Crawford Smith is dedicated to providing opportunities and venues to experience excellence in the art of dance and related activities. The Center of Dance faculty is a team of qualified professionals who master the art of teaching safe and inclusive dance and movement techniques to children and adults. Classes are available in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern Movement, Tap, and more. The Center of Dance offers annual performances for participation and observation. For listing of our performances, please view our Events page!

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